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        ?ABOUT US

        We focus on Simens PLC Computer Control system for PVC Extrusion Lines, our main product :


        We focus on PVC Extrusion Lines

        OUR MAIN PRODUCT: PVC SPC Flooring Machine,PVC Marble Sheet Machine,PVC WPC Foam Board Machine,PVC SPC Wall Pane Machine,PVC Laminate Sheet Machine...

        Our mission

        Innovation makes life full of energy.

        Our vision

        Enterprises with sustainable development capability

        Our core values

        Achievement of customers, trust and respect, pragmatic innovation

        Our insistence

        People-oriented, customer first


        Kingshine is the SPC Flooring Solution Supplier, Turnkey manufacturers for SPC Dosing Mixer System,PVC SPC Floor Extrusion Line,PVC WPC Wall Panel Extrusion Line, SPC Floor Automatic Packing Machine

        Kingshine Service:?“Turn Key” project, including project feasibility analysis, workshop and electric facilities design, machine installation and test, staff training, mould adjust and test, formulation, after-sale service, ect..

        Contact Us

        • Contact: Jay Ma (Director)
        • Mobile: +86 13814297981
        • Whatsapp +8613814297981
        • Wechat: +8613814297981
        • Email: ceo@kingshineplast.com